Established in 2010, AM Acres is the realization of a lifelong dream of owning acreage and working with animals and the land. Located on the ridge in Central Florida, we have dedicated our farm to raising and producing animals, food and products free from pesticides, herbicides and any artifical chemicals or additives.  The products listed in this site are all handcrafted using only 100% natural ingredients.
We raise Oberhasli Dairy Goats that supply us with fresh milk for our own use as well as our all natural soaps.  In addition we have a growing flock of Black Copper Marans who provide the best farm eggs we have ever eaten. They are allowed to free range under supervision and help keep the insects well under control.
We strive to keep a garden year round and raise fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables without the use of herbicides or pesticides.  We plant mostly heirloom seeds where available and grow a wide variety of vegetables. Our bees help pollinate our crops to ensure a bountiful harvest.